What’s the city? project

Banner-Whats-the-CityIn this small project, we interview professionals from different areas of knowledge to explore the idea of different worldviews in urbanisation studies.

The department of Urbanism at TU Delft consists of a variety of sections and chairs. All sections have their own questions, methods and answers, constituting different communities of practice. Different communities of practice often have very different worldviews.

A worldview is basically a set of beliefs that one holds about the nature of the world and one’s place in it. In philosophy of science, a worldview determines how one sees the world and the questions one asks about this world.

In short, in academia, different worldviews determine different research questions and the activities one would undertake to answer them. These different activities form different paradigms of inquiry (also called logics of enquiry). In short, for each specific worldview, specific questions about the city arise. To answer those different questions, different methodologies are required. 

By interviewing different professionals, we can observe that the accounts they give about what the city is and what Urbanism is for changes dramatically.


These are the questions we ask  interviewees:
1. What is the CITY from your professional perspective. What are cities for?
2. What is DESIGN?
3. What should Urbanism accomplish, in your opinion? What should be Urbanism main goals?



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