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EGBERT STOLK: What’s design: an introduction

In this presentation, Egbert Stolk discusses various understandings of design and how these understandings are present in Urbanism.

Pages from Egbert Stolk WHATS DESIGN

DOWNLOAD the presentation HERE.


This is a lecture by Arie Romein, senior researcher at OTB Research Institute for the Built Environment. It discusses the steps between problem analysis towards conceptual model.

Pages from Arie Romein PROBLEM ANALYSIS Conceptual Model

DOWNLOAD the presentation HERE.

ALEXANDER WANDL: Introduction to Geodesign

This is a presentation by Alexander Wandl, PhD candidate at the Chair of Environmental Technology and Design of the Department of Urbanism. It is a detailed introduction on GEODESIGN.

Pages from Alexander Wandl GEOMATICS

DOWNLOAD the presentation HERE.


EGBERT STOLK: URBAN DESIGN: Types of urban design, areas of concentration, and approaches to study design

This is a lecture given by EGBERT STOLK on Urban design: Types of urban design, areas of concentration, and approaches to study design.

Pages from Egbert Stolk URBAN DESIGN

DOWNLOAD the presentation HERE.

Typical elements of a research project

This is a presentation on basic elements of a research project at the Urbanism Master programme of the TU Delft.

Connecting Questions and answers

This is a presentation on general issues of methodology in the human sciences applied to an education in Urbanism. Our position is that in order to design and plan our cities and regions, students and professionals must underpin their assumptions with solid research. There are basic criteria for any academic endeavour and a set of basic elements in any research project.  This presentation discusses these issues and suggests ways to go about the initial literature research. (this presentation is directed to TU Delft Urbanism students).

Two lectures on the ETHICAL DIMENSION of Urbanism


Lectures given by Professor Peter Kroes and Dr. Stefan Kroller of TBM (Faculty of Technology Policy and Management of the TU Delft) for the Urbanism Methodology course. This is an  introduction to ethics and engineering which enquiries into the moral dimensions of planning and design and discusses issues like the “just city” and procedural justice.

Click on the LINKS BELOW to download the PDF of the presentations:

Peter Kroes Elementary introduction to ethics (and engineering)

Stefan Koller Ethics of Urbanism Feb 2014

For more information on ETHICS in engineering, please visit the

Ethics/Philosophy of Technology website HERE

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