Points of reflection for ethics in Urbanism

This is a list of issues in Urbanism where ethical judgment plays a crucial role. We have elaborated this list with TU Delft students of Urbanism in mind. These are points students have asked us about, or points we’ve noticed students struggling with. This list does not tell you what to do. It invites you to reflect on issues where ethical judgment is necessary.

The TU Delft puts the highest importance on issues of ethics. And in fact, in order to form “good urbanists”, we need to provide them with knowledge and skills, but we also need to discuss ethical values. In fact, we recognize the importance of forming critical minds, which will be able to solve complex problems in the real world: minds that are able to investigate issues concerning the built environment and society, reflect upon them, communicate results clearly and articulate solutions among different stakeholders. These are activities that involve moral judgments and accountability towards the public.


2 thoughts on “Points of reflection for ethics in Urbanism

  1. robertorocco says:

    When we prepared this lecture, we did not know about interviews given by starchitect zaha Hadid, washing her hands of any responsibility for how workers building her architectural word are treated. http://www.dezeen.com/2014/02/26/qatar-zaha-hadid-stadium/

  2. robertorocco says:

    And this BLOG has more material on this issue: http://whobuilds.org

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