Learning from Darwin: What can the man who wrote The Origin of Species teach us about a scientific attitude and academic writing skills?

‘On the Origin of Species’ was published on 24 November 1859. It is a work of scientific literature by Charles Darwin, and it is considered the foundation of evolutionary biology. In this text, we comment the INTRODUCTION to The Origin of Species and highlight aspects of the text that are relevant for us to understand a scientific attitude and how to translate this attitude into text.

This exercise is intended to Urbanism students who are unsure about the tone and the kind of language they must adopt in scientific reports. It also highlights important elements of a research project.

The text we are about to analyse was written in the second half of the 19th century, but it is still incredibly modern and actual. Read the text carefully and reflect on the comments. What can you incorporate into your essays and reports?

AR2U090 Methodology Learning from DARWIN 3.  CLICK  to download.

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